Coppia lesbica tortura bambino di 7 anni

Il piccolo Sean G. di 7 anni è stato trovato mentre vagava in un parco e elemosinava cibo. Il povero bambino pesava solo 17 kg.  Viveva presso la coppia lesbica S.S. (45 anni) e J.L.M. (26 anni), ora accusate di abuso su minore aggravato.

Le due vengono accusate di averlo costretto a bere shampoo, di averlo bruciato con sigarette, drogato con un narcotico per adulti, minacciato con un coltello, legato per i polsi e costretto a stare in posizione verticale per ore, costretto ad usare un armadio come gabinetto, di avergli amputato l’alluce del piede sinistro, che era rotto.  Aveva ustioni da corda sui polsi, essendo stato lasciato appeso ad un lampadario.  La testa di Sean era coperta di lividi e bozzi, ritenuti essere segni di pugni o colpi inferti con altri oggetti.  Aveva ustioni sui lati delle orecchie, ritenute essere causate dall’essere stato trascinato.  Il dottore che ha fornito le prime cure teme che i calci ripetuti possano avergli danneggiato gli organi interni.

Le donne non hanno fornito giustificazioni per gli abusi.  Essendo la loro vittima un bambino maschio, si può ipotizzare che l’odio di genere lesbo-femminista contro il maschile sia concausa.  Le due sono state arrestate e si accusano a vicenda di avere guidato gli abusi.  Nel timore che gli abusi venissero notati, non hanno permesso al piccolo di frequentare la scuola; e ci si chiede come mai nessuno ha notato quello che stava accadendo prima che il piccolo riuscisse a salvarsi da solo.   Il piccolo è parente di una ex compagna della lesbica più anziana, che si era procurata un falso certificato di nascita.

Il piccolo Sean è stato ricoverato in ospedale: il dottore Dobson crede che riuscirà a riprendersi e commenta “da 35 anni che faccio questo lavoro, non avevo mai visto un bambino brutalizzato in così tanti modi”.

Fonti: ABCnews, ToySoldier, BadBreeders.

Versione originale in inglese:

Seven-year-old Sean Gibson was found earlier this month wandering in a parking lot by employees of Westgate Resorts in Kissimee, Florida. He was out late by himself and begging for food at a buffet. The poor kid only weighed 37 pounds. They called authories who took him to the hospital.
Now domestic partners Suzette Stevenson, 45, and Jamie Lynn Martin, 26, have been charged with aggravated child abuse.
Fair warning, the torture these women subjected this boy to is rather graphic:
The boy, who is not a biological child to either woman, was allegedly tied by his wrists and made to stand in an upright position for hours at a time, forced to drink shampoo, was burned with cigarettes and had to urinate and defecate in a closet, according the Baker County Sheriff’s Office documents.
Instead, the two women allegedly threatened him with a box cutter and left him in a car, drugged with some type of adult sleeping pill, as they tried to collect $100 in a real estate promotion awarded to anyone who visited a timeshare open house.
The staff at Celebration was appalled when the extent of Sean’s abuse became apparent.
They amputated the big toe of his left foot, one of two that had been broken by bending. Other injuries include rope burns on his wrists from where he was left hanging by his arms from two large wall lights at the trailer.
“He had burns on the sides of his ears, and they believe those came from being dragged across carpets,” said the investigator. “The doctor initially called him ‘walking death’ and indicated he may have damage to internal organs from repeated kicking.”
Sean’s head was covered in bruises and knots believed to be from blows by fists, hands or other objects.
The one thing about this is that at numerous point people had the opportunity to intervene. At the daycare someone should have noticed. The fact that this boy was pulled out of school should have been a red flag. Or maybe someone could have bothered to verify the fake birth certificate these women had. The social service system was designed to address situations like this, but at every point that someone had a chance to step in no one did a thing. In the end it was the boy had to save himself.
One other element about this stands out. These two women were torturing this boy for apparently no reason at all. That just does not fit with the general profile of abusers. There is always reason, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Given that, I cannot say that the torture was not mitigated by these women’s general attitude towards males as a result of their sexual orientation. That is not to say that being lesbians caused them to be abusive, but there seem to be a propensity for lesbians who abuse children to specifically target boys.

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